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Corallosphere.org is a web application developed with the aim of exploring new approaches to compiling taxonomic information on extant and extinct scleractinian corals. Main areas covered in Corallosphere.org include text descriptions for diagnoses of valid genera, as well as tools for managing taxonomic synonymies, image databases, a bibliography, and an illustrated atlas of morphological terms. A flexible work-flow allows users of the system to be assigned roles with differing levels of access and functionality. Contributors may compile, edit, and review generic diagnoses directly from the internet, whereas all other users may post comments as part of an informal review process. The ultimate aim is to produce a system that will facilitate the rapid publication of the next version of the Treatise of Invertebrate Paleontology based on community-wide consensus, and help remove the taxonomic impediment that slows progress towards an increased understanding of the biology, ecology, and evolutionary history of the Scleractinia.

See The Palaeontological Association Newsletter 72: 42-50.

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